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About Baydog Supply

Fingerlakes Region, New York, USA

Ever since I was old enough to throw a dummy, my father had me out in the fields training dogs along with hunting waterfowl & upland game. The love of training and hunting has never left me.  However, I am a truck driver and being so does not lend to much time for my hobbies. Because of my limited time, I have always looked for easy-to-use products to make things effortless. It was my father who introduced me to Retriev-R-Trainer equipment and, on a family sea-duck hunting trip to Maine that I was introduced to Eezox.


The Versa Launch Story

I first became aware of the Versa Launch after reading about it as an upcoming product on a forum I belong to.  With this information I did more research and eventually purchased my four shot Versa Launch.

I was one of the first to try the "new-to-market" remote launcher (aka Versa Launch) from Retriev-R-Trainer.  I found it so revolutionary, versatile, and such a game changer that I quickly spread the word to all that would listen. Broadcasting it's ease of use, versatility, and durability to all the media circles caught the attention of many. The owners of Retriev-R-Trainer noticed my enthusiasm and trust in their products; having used their previous products since the early 70s. After a series of phone calls, I was offered the opportunity to be an area representative and salesmen.  With this opportunity, I launched Baydog Supply in March 2016.

The Eezox Story

On a family sea-duck hunting trip to Maine, my semi-automatic shotgun was taking a beating from the saltwater.  I asked the guide what I could do to slow down the corrosion process and he recommended Eezox. At that time I was easily able to purchase Eezox at a local sporting goods store. I applied the product and the corrosion didn't just slow down, it stopped completely. Not only that, but my shotgun actually cycled better with the lubrication from the Eezox

During the 2016-17 hunting season, I finally ran out of that first purchase of Eezox and had a difficult time locating it anywhere locally or online. This led me to contacting the manufacturer and becoming an authorized distributor so that others could easily purchase this amazing product once again.

The Rest of the Story

Through Baydog Supply I am able to offer the Retriev-R-Trainer and Eezox products at some of the best prices (in comparison to larger stores) and often below the MSRP.  As a customer you will receive quality products with one-on-one personal service. 

Robert Goodman

Owner ~ Baydog Supply